Total RNA Extraction Kit

Our Kits Advantage:

  • Easy to transport in room Temperature (Lyophelyzed Enzymes)
  • Use one kit for all types of Samples
  • 18 months Shelf-life
  • High Accuracy and stability

Product Details:

Kit Components

Solution R110ml20ml
Solution R230ml60ml
Wash Buffer25ml(add 75ml ethanol before use)25ml×2(add 75 ml ethanol before use)
Elution Buffer10ml20ml
Spin columns50100


    The kit is a ready-to-use reagent for the isolation of total RNA from various sources including whole blood, animal/plant tissue, cultured cell and bacteria. Add Solution R2 to the processed sample and transfer the mixture to spin column, and then total RNA can be easily isolated through several washing and eluting steps.The kit provides a very simple, fast and economical technique to isolate high quality RNA, and can go high-throughput. The pure RNA can be applied extensively in Northern blot, blotting hybridization, poly(A)+ selection、in vitro translation、RNase protect assay, RT-PCR/Real time RT-PCR analysis ,construction cDNA library etc.

Experimental data:

Analysis RNA

Absorbance analysis of yield and purity

lPrepare RNA, dilute by 25mM Tris-HCl(pH7.5), RNase-free water or TE buffer in a right factor;lZero the spectrophotometer at 260 and 280nm with 25mm Tris-HCl, RNase-free water or TE buffer;lMeasure the OD using 100μl the RNA diluent solution, calculate the concentration of RNA as follows:

Final concentration = (Spec reading A260) × (Dilution factor)  × (Conversion factor A260)

The conversion factor for RNA is 0.040μg/μl per OD260 unit

Notice: the range of Spec reading A260: 0.1≤OD260≤1.0

Calculate the purity of RNA as follows: Ratio= (Spec.readingA260)/ (Spec.readingA280)

Ration of 1.8~2.0 are considered ideal purity.

The low pH will alter the OD measurements between 260 and 280nm, indicating a low purity.

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