Blood Genomic DNA Extraction Kit

Kit Components

PK solution0.5ml1.0 ml
LysisB Buffer10.0ml20.0 ml
WB1 Buffer11.825ml23.65ml
Wash Buffer11.55ml×223.1ml×2
Elution Buffer10ml20ml
Spin column50100


The kit provide a very simple, fast and effective technique for the isolation of pure high molecular-weight genomic DNA in whole blood which was treated with anticoagulants such as citrate, heparin,  EDTA. The kit is also suitable for the extraction of genome DNA from leukocytes. Based on the remarkable selectivity on genome DNA of Biospin membrane, the simple purification procedure involves only a few steps and allows isolation of high yields of pure genomic DNA within 30 minutes. No any expensive equipments are required, using of toxic or hazardous reagents, such as phenol or chloroform is completely  avoided.In  general,  2~6μg  genomic  DNA  can  be  acquired  from 200μl blood using the kit. The pure DNA can be applied extensively in PCR/Real-time PCR、sequencing、Southern blot、mutant analysis、SNP, and so on.

Product Features:


  • The PK solution must be stored at 2~8℃, other components in the kit may be deposited at room temperature.
  • All components, when stored properly, can keep stable for 18 months.

Analysis DNA

  •  Absorbance analysis

Take some DNA,dilute it into an appropriate concentration with elution buffer.

Measure it at   OD260   ,OD280  and OD320.

Equation:concentration(μg/ml)=50×OD260×dilution multiple Target:2.0≥OD260-320/ OD280-320≥1.7

Notice: 1.0≥OD260≥0.1, the result of ratio is reliable.

  •  Agarose Gel Analysis

0.8~1% Agarose gel

Example 1:Blood