About US

ArtinGene is a leading importing company with the expertise of hi-tech advanced medical and laboratorial equipment. Originally, it was founded in 2012 as ArtinGene. The company has increasingly burgeoned ever since thanks to the      all-time policy of the customers’ satisfaction. Now after all these years of flourishing    large-scale and high-profile international business, out of the main core of the predecessor company ArtinGene has been born with the same thought. ArtinGene as the exclusive  representative of internationally well reputed brands with a repertoire of fecund experience and facilities in the field of importing advanced laboratory equipment endeavors to enhance state of the art laboratorial science in Iran and claims to support all its clients not only with high quality after sales services but also with organizing training programs in addition to the periodical seminars on the latest laboratorial breakthroughs and equipment held and sponsored by the company. ArtinGene serves the needs of its customers in the fields of cell Biology, Molecular Diagnostics, Microscopy &Image Analysis and Biotechnology in Iran. ArtinGene was formed by a group of highly skilled, vastly experienced and motivated professionals who now form the senior management team. The team is supported by high caliber sales professionals and engineers and a distributor network in the major cities of Iran and the sub-continent. ArtinGene is engaged in the distribution of quality/innovative products, technology and services from world leading manufacturers chosen carefully for their brand value and strength of the company. ArtinGene has thus assembled a portfolio of products and services that provide customers with the latest technology and products from overseas countries backed by excellent service. In this short period the company has built a strong name, a large customer base and an efficient distribution network. ArtinGene specializes in offering technical solutions through supply of Instruments, Systems, Hardware and Software, Consumables, etc. All the products offered by us are complimentary to other products among its product portfolio. All the products in each of these categories are complimentary to each other. Every product is backed by strong technical and application support by qualified and trained personnel. ArtinGene has the vision of promoting good health with the aid of good service under a good name.

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